Possible iPhone 7 Leaked Photos Tease Mysterious New Feature

New (alleged) leaked images of this fall feature one small detail that has been puzzling. A new feature with a strange hole was teased in leaked iPhone 7 photos

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There's nothing quite like the months leading up to a fresh Apple drop. Diehard #AppleHive members tease and hype whatever Tim Cook and company are building in secret, while naysayers once again deliver their usual litany of reasons for worshipping at the Samsung altar instead.

With the tech giant likely set to unveil the iPhone 7 this fall, the latest (alleged) leaked photos contain one tiny detail that's perplexing even the most well-versed Apple heads:

Iphone 7
Iphone 7 Backside Image

The photos, pulled from Chinese social media site Weibo by LetemSvetemApplem, shows two small holes between the camera's flash and the lens aperture. As phone aficionados will note, this marks one more hole than was found on the iPhone 6 and 6s models. Does the added hole in these alleged leaked images mean the iPhone 7 will gift us with the ability to record in stereo? That's the leading rumor, at least according toApple Insider. Another possibility is the addition of a laser auto-focus feature. Apple did not immediately respond to Complex's request for comment.

The internet's reaction to these images shows that it may take more drastic changes to the iPhone's design to really capture the hype-addicted minds of the public, though that extra hole is definitely worth some speculation:

Some offered creative (thought admittedly unrealistic) theories about possible add-ons:

According to a report from CNET, a third variant of the iPhone 7 is also possible. A screenshot that popped up on tech blog Mobipicker appeared to show an iPhone 7, an iPhone 7 Plus, and "an iPhone 7 Pro or Plus Premium" set for a 2016 release. As we reported in our round-up at the top of the year, the new iPhone is also rumored to have more RAM, wireless headphone capabilities, and size not too dissimilar from the most recent model, the iPhone 6s Plus.

Iphone 7 Informational Image

The iPhone 7 is expected to arrive in September. In the meantime, please keep speculating. We love it.

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