Love makes us do crazy things. The extent of the crazy extremes one is willing to go is tested most when a significant other cheats. For the purpose of the following story here’s examples of scorned women who (with good reason) lost their minds after discovering they were cheated on. There’s the woman who didn’t let being pregnant stop her from destroying her cheating husband’s car and the woman who simply set her man’s penis on fire. Potentially joining these women is Twitter user @vickto_willy who live tweeted (See the video above) while she was hiding in the trunk of her boyfriend’s car after she found out he was cheating.

Her boyfriend and the girl he cheated with were driving around without the slightest idea she was there. She would then provide a lengthy Twitter story of how she got in the trunk in the first place. This was only the beginning of @vickto_willy’s wild ride.

As reported by Bro Bible @vickto_willy had people begging her to tell the story before her trunk adventures. After getting 500 likes the apparent Florida A & M University student (according to her tweets, which would explain the Florida license plate seen on a car passing by in one of the videos) obliged.

Here we go. 

Here she goes.

She makes her grand entrance.

And that’s Victoria’s Walking Dead cliffhanger. But she’s since said that even though she only promised to tell the story of how she got in the trunk in the first place that she’d bless her fans with what happened after. Stay tuned to her twitter.