Planes are supposed to be one of the safest forms of travel, so when they crash, it begs a lot of investigation. Even more bewildering and scary is when they disappear without a trace. Authorities searching for Malaysian airlines flight MH370, which went missing over two years ago, have their hands on a newly-discovered piece of debris from Mauritius that may be from the plane. 

Malaysian airlines flight MH370 disappeared on March 8, 2014 with 239 people on board. While authorities are still trying to discern if the debris is in fact connected with the Malaysian airlines flight, other debris has been found in the past few years on Reunion Island and near Mossel Bay in South Africa, Mashable reports

The remnants were discovered by guests staying in a hotel on Rodrigues Island. Dan O'Malley, spokesman for The Australian Transport Safety Bureau, said, "We can't say what it is from or how likely it is to be from MH370 until it has been professionally examined." O'Malley confirmed that the Australian government is aware of the discovery, and that the Malaysian government is in contact with the Mauritian government about how to move forward.

Possible #MH370 debris found by guests visiting Rodrigues Island, hotel employee says. Credit: Mourouk Ebony Hotel

— David Molko (@davidmolkoCNN) April 2, 2016

The Australian search team, which consists of the Australian Transport Safety Bureau and the Australian Maritime Safety Authority, has scoured more than 95,000 square kilometers of the ocean floor in an attempt to solve the mystery of flight MH370. So far the search team hasn't discovered any evidence.