For one Boston Uber driver, the phrase "dropping off some keys" now has an entirely new and exciting meaning. After picking up four passengers, the driver is instructed that some forgotten keys need to be returned to their rightful owner. Though immediately reluctant to alter the trip in progress, the Uber driver agrees to wait for the mystery key recipient.

After some friendly chatter about the Uber empire, this would-be key exchange occurs under the watchful eyes of the unidentified driver. "That wasn’t keys, buddy," the driver tells the passengers, as seen in the LiveLeak-shared video above. "That was drugs." After a brief awkward pause, the driver then orders the passengers to exit the vehicle. "I won’t charge you," the driver promises. "Just get out."

After threatening to call the police, all but one of the passengers vacates the vehicle. "You’re not paying anymore," the driver says, fidgeting with his phone. Frustrated, the passenger continues to argue with his Uber driver. "Cancel the trip and make sure that didn’t charge me," he insists. Several of the passenger’s friends approach the vehicle, one at a time, asking him to leave with them. At the end of the clip, the final passenger appears to start opening the door.

Of course, tense encounters between Uber drivers and passengers making their way to YouTube is nothing new for the transportation giant. In November of last year, a Taco Bell executive was filmed attacking an Uber driver in Newport Beach after the driver told him to get out of the car because he was too drunk to give proper instruction. After the footage was shared with police and various news outlets, Taco Bell fired the executive and Uber banned him from using their services forever.