One of the multiple reasons why Apple users tend to be so smug (and there are many other reasons) is that generally speaking, a Mac is a lot less vulnerable to viruses and malware than a Windows machine. Malicious software has traditionally gone after Microsoft-based computers, if just because there are more potential victims.

Now the first ever working ransomware has appeared on a Mac however. Ransomware essentially goes through your computer, locking files and then demanding a ransom — in this case one bitcoin, or about £280 — to unencrypt your data. The ‘KeRanger’ software apparently is being downloaded unknowing when people install the bit torrent software Transmission — so if you’ve been cruising The Prate Bay like Kanye, you might need to sort your shit out. This is the first time software like this has successfully infiltrate Apple products.

The malware was first detected on Friday, and takes three days to start encrypting files, so users will start getting ransom demands from Monday. The Transmission website says that it was version 2.90 that was infected, and anyone using it should install 2.92 straight away.

[via Sky News]