There's lots to consider if you're thinking about moving: rent prices, the job market, how bad is the traffic, crime rates, nearby schools and hospitals, stuff like that.

But let's be serious. What you really need to know is how many pizza places are around, because easy access to greasy, melty mozzarella and zesty sauce on a crispy crust with, if you ask me, a liberal sprinkling of garlic powder on top, is the real American dream, my friends. That's why nobody gives a damn about a rat eating a taco, or a lady getting engaged to a burger, or people getting fried chicken tattoos.

The heroes at Estately are here to help you live your best life, so they've researched this important map that shows "The U.S. States Where Pizza Is Most Abundant​."

The biggest shocker? How is New York not even in the top 10? I mean, come on. Also confusing: Mississippi and Louisiana, two of the most obese states in the U.S. are near the bottom of the list when it comes to pizza abundance. Maybe pizza doesn't make you fat?

And coming in at the top of the list was the equally surprising West Virginia.

The Mountaineer State has 1,553 establishments serving pizza, that’s one for every 1,210 people in the state. It also Googles “pepperoni” more than any other state. The only blemish on the state’s unmatched pizza enthusiasm is that Little Caesars makes up nearly 8 percent of the pizza places in West Virginia.

Other important pizza research gleaned from the blog post: Colorado and Washington, two states where recreational weed is legal, Google "pizza delivery" more than any other states (no surprise there), while that obvious living hell known as California searches for "gluten free pizza" way more often than other spot.