Pundits have been up in arms about Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders' stance against reparations for slavery, but hip-hop artist Killer Mike came to the candidate's defense in a series of tweets.

After Sanders said the “likelihood of getting [such legislation] through Congress is nil” at an Iowa forum, Ta-Nehisi Coates wrote in The Atlantic that the senator's stance serves to uphold white supremacy, and is hypocritical because Sanders fights for other policies that are unlikely to get through U.S. Congress.

Here's what Killer Mike had to say about that:

Killer Mike is one of many in a growing group of Sanders supporters. 

The candidate received an endorsement from the largest progressive group in the U.S., MoveOn. Sanders has been rising steadily in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, surpassing former secretary of state Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire and Iowa. 

It appears his recent comments haven't stopped fans from #FeelingTheBern

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