After many European goods were banned from being imported into Russia, six people were arrested recently after Russian authorities discovered a $30 million cheese ring. 

Last year Russia placed a ban on goods being imported from European Union countries after the West placed sanctions against the country after the 2014 pro-Russian unrest in Ukraine. Russia was so serious about blocking off any importation of food from EU countries that Vladmir Putin even ordered for all illegal foods that were confiscated at the border to be destroyed immediately

Since then, Russian cheese lovers have clearly suffered immensely since 470 tons of foreign cheese were found, as well as the necessary equipment to create counterfeit labels. The ring leaders sold the re-packaged cheese to several supermarket chains and distributors as banned foreign treats. 

Russian police raided seventeen homes and offices in Moscow leading to the arrest of 6 Russian cheese ring leaders. The operations have been taking place since March. 

In has yet to be confirmed what type of cheese was confiscated during the war against cheese. 

[via Chicago Tribune]