I don't even know what do with myself anymore. We like to talk about flexing a lot on Four Pins and even do a bit of it ourselves, but—MOTHERFUCKINGGODDAMN—this man, Dan Bilzerian, is truly on another level. I would venture to say he is "on one", but nah, this dude is clearly on several. Dan is a 33-year-old multimillionaire who has made his riches through gambling, mainly of the high-stakes poker variety. And, while most men can only dream of a life that involves, but is not limited to, lavish cars, booze, houses and, of course, women (like, all of the womens), Dan is living it.

At least he is trying his best to. See, at age 33, Dan has suffered 2 heart attacks and a pulmonary embolism, all of which were likely cause by his physical inability to turn down and, we can only hope, a killer cocaine addiction. Homie even completed Navy SEAL training, only to get kicked two days before graduation out for calling his commanding officer a pussy.

Based on your perspective on life, Dan is either the greatest human man of all time or the biggest douchebag of all time (we lean towards the latter because all that objectification of women is a little too turbo for us). His high-octane lifestyle certainly comes with its perks, but, at the end of the day, he's pretty much everything that's wrong with a country full of gluttonous, Entourage-raised, American males. On some level you have to wonder if this is all an act (the man has pictures of goats all over the fucking place), but between the bloody photos and general medical trauma he's endured, that seems highly unlikely. See some of Dan's greatest flexes above and be sure to follow him on Instagram to feel jealous, angry, sad or some combination of all three.