The similarities between Supreme and Chanel were first pointed out by Vogue over 20 years ago. After visiting the Supreme store in SoHo and the Chanel Boutique on 5th Avenue, the magazine drew some interesting comparisons between the established luxury fashion house and the streetwear brand, like the fact that they both have a cult following and a distinct look to their sales associates. 

Over the past two decades people have continued to compare the brands, and now it looks like there is actually a very good reason to. During the opening of its new store in Paris (also home to Chanel) Supreme founder James Jebbia recently revealed in an interview with The New York Times that he is influenced by the luxury brand and its creative director.

“I’m influenced a lot by Chanel and by what Karl Lagerfeld has done,” he said. “Oftentimes we get asked, ‘Why are you doing a fire extinguisher?’ I’m like, ‘Well, Chanel can.’”

Ironically back in 1995, Vogue said that Chanel was more likely to offer products that are similar to Supreme's and not visa versa, but it isn't surprising that Jebbia would want to take some cues from Lagerfeld.