Back in January, denim pioneer Diesel announced that they’d be displaying their Spring 2016 ads on Pornhub. The X-rated video service, known for its easy access to a little T and A, would join Snapchat, Tinder, Grindr and more as outlets for the campaign which included Joe Jonas. And according to company founder Renzo Rosso, it’s paid off.

In an interview with the recently launched Fashion Unfiltered, Rosso claims that Pornhub has caused a "31 percent increase" for the company.  He didn't specify whether that’s pageviews on the ever-changing and ever-evolving website or in sales, but any increase is good news in theory. “In this town tonight, 40 percent of the people will have sex off the Internet because it’s much easier to have sex on the Internet than it is to find a girl, or somebody to be together with,” he said. “So it’s not that we go to the porno channel with porno advertising, we just go there with sympathy and treat it like advertising in a magazine. We did it there because that’s the way to live today.”

And while Jonas lent his star power to that campaign, don’t expect him to be doing any long-term design collaborations with the company any time soon. “Today, a rock star can do a beautiful sweatshirt and sell it. But to design a collections for many seasons, and to do a brand… that’s impossible,” said Rosso. “You need the design knowledge, and to become a designer, you have to suffer a lot. You have to try so many things—it takes a lot of experience. I believe in cobranding. If you want to do [a project] with a designer, that’s very easy. Or you can do it with an artist, like what [Takashi] Murakami did for Louis Vuitton. There, it worked very well, because it’s not that Murakami designed a label or a bag or a jacket. It was just a Murakami print. But the minute you ask a rock star or a movie star to design something … that’s difficult.”