Another day, another Kylie Jenner plastic surgery rumor shut down. This time, Jenner is addressing the speculation around her backside. 

After admitting to her lip fillers, many wondered if Jenner was getting injections somewhere else after her butt seemed to grow out of nowhere. Of course, coming from a family of Kardashians the pressure to have a perfect ass is pretty high, but Jenner's behind isn't the work of a plastic surgeon.

The 18-year-old posted a photo of herself on Snapchat wearing a pair of Spanx. The slimming flesh-colored garment shapes the butt "with rear pockets for a perky backside," which could explain her new fuller figure.

Jenner continues to stick by her claim that she has never been under the knife. First revealing that her new cleavage came courtesy of a push-up bra, and now showing us how her perfectly sculpted butt came from a $44 pair of Spanx. 

While her ample physique is store-bought for now, she did say she is open to having plastic surgery down the line.