Kim Kardashian is introducing Kanye West at award shows, making millions with her family, and greatly influencing plastic surgery trends. A  new report from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) shows that the amount of procedures to increase the size of a woman's butt surged last year, with over 13,000 people undergoing an operation involving their ass. 

Every type of butt enhancement surgery rose in 2014. There were 11,505 buttock augmentations procedures, up 15 percent from last year year. Buttock lifts were up 44 percent, and buttock implants saw the most dramatic increase, going from 942 operations in 2013 to 1,863 in 2014—a 98 percent increase.

Scot Glasberg president of ASPS, directly attributed the spike to celebrities. "The media effect, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, are having a phenomenal effect on what patients want, what they are coming in and asking for," Glasberg told the Washington Post.

The rise in plastic surgeries only confirms what we knew all along: butts are officially the new boobs

If you need even more proof, the report shows that breast augmentation surgeries actually dropped a percentage point in 2014. 

[via Cosmo]