People tend to think of cartoons and anime as entertainment for children. On Tumblr, however, characters from childhood TV shows and movies become weed-smoking, selfie-snapping delinquents, thanks to avid Photoshoppers with creative, albeit corrupted minds. Although artists have been doing this with Disney princesses for a while now (reimagining them as modern-day twerking queens and punked-out princesses), somehow the concept is even cooler when applied to the likes of the pure-hearted Goku and evil-fighting Sailor Moon. However, not all of the Photoshopped creations on Tumblr of last month were throwbacks to childhood. 

After Paper Magazine dropped its cover of Kim Kardashian and the world's most talked about butt, we all knew the Internet would proliferate with memes poking fun at the risqué photo shoot. In addition to Kardashian parodies, the Tumblr also saw reactionary Photoshops to everything from the Charlotte Hornets' painful season and Rick Ross's new diet to the power of Beyonce's art selfies. Scroll down to see all of The Coolest Photoshopped Images on Tumblr of November 2014.