Look you’re going for: Like you are prepared for any kind of shift in the weather—for her, of course

Chivalry is not dead, especially when it comes to first dates, when you are trying to impress her with your knowledge and consideration for others. Taking a trip down the boardwalk allows you to walk, talk, play carnival favorites, and enjoy the sounds of waves crashing—all things you put as "loves" on your Tinder profile. You also enjoy being considered stylish, and that does not stop when you spend a majority of your time outside with ever-changing elements due to that large body of water beside you. Making sure that you layer up could be beneficial to you, but it will most definitely be beneficial to your date as she will require one, possibly two, of those layers to stay warm. Make sure all of your layers aren't heavy, though that may not be advantageous to your physique. A light-colored denim jacket with a crewneck is a potential piece that you’ll lose to your date, but keeping a chambray or flannel shirt and a long-sleeved thermal or baselayer around will also keep your body temperature regulated. She will forever be indebted to your generosity if she needs ‘em, and if she doesn't, losing a layer and tying it around your waste isn't the worst thing in the world.