Look you’re going for: Like you may want to cover up that beer belly, in a stylish manner

You know that your date is an avid beer drinker based on the numerous pictures of her on Facebook holding a pint in her hand. So taking her on a quick jaunt to a local brewery will definitely impress her. And knowing what one should wear during a a brewery tour may impress her even more. Now, just because beer is involved doesn't mean that you should be dressing for this occasion the same way you would when you hit up your local dive bar. A sports jacket would be nice, but a slim sweater and a gingham shirt with a nice pop of color underneath will cover your top half. A pair of dark chinos to cover up any beer spills and a pair of blucher or beef roll loafers will make a perfectly stylish outing with your date. Or you can go the more casual route and throw on a clean flannel (depending on the time of year) and some form-fitting jeans, not the dad kind. And make sure you don't get so hopped up on the brew that you forget her name.