As a man, there are certain unwritten rules you must abide by: don’t leave the toilet seat up if you live with a female; don’t waste the food on your plate; texting a lady friend after midnight only means one thing; and, of course, your face is your temple, so treat it like one. However, sometimes the last rule gets taken for granted. Too often do men not take the proper precautions or are just plain lazy when it comes to taking care of the skin on their faces. With everything that goes in it and comes out of it, and as much literal face time it gets, it could make or break how your day, week, or month.

Taking care of your face isn’t hard. In fact, it’s all about repetition—something we learn as tykes when we learn to brush our teeth, shoot a basketball, or ride a bike. By doing the same things consistently, our faces also become accustomed to them, and those habits become second nature. So, by knowing the basics and making them a part of your routine, you and your face might actually get to liking each other again. Tell your face how much you really like it by learning these 10 Things Every Man Should Know About His Skin.