AYO, YOUR BOYS HERE AT FOUR PINS ARE EXTREMELY PLEASED TO PRESENT AN EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK AT THAT AIME LEON DORE PRE-FALL 14 VIDEO. Yeah, we got connects like that. It's really not fair how good Aimé Leon Dore is. The styling is dope, the clothes are great and, to top it off, all of us digital lifeforms on the Internet actually bought the entire first collection in, like, a day. ALD is basically the reification of your deepest #menswear dreams: You sit in class, finding dope ass imagery on the web to save to your inspo folder, dreaming of the day you can finally moonlight as a brand founder/designer. How about instead of fueling those cokedreams, you just buy some new Aimé Leon Dore shit when it drops on July 11? Although, I got dibs on the sweatpants that break exactly at the ankle-sneaker border and a sweatshirt and one of those raincoats. If not, I'm just gonna have to request some samples for an editorial before disappearing with all the jawnz a la a PR Ponzi scheme. Keep it locked on The Pinz for that that official lookbok drop. You already know we gotchu.