Common Projects better watch its back, because everybody's coming for their head. Axel Arigato is a company "designing in Paris and operating out of Sweden," that makes some pretty nice looking, minimal sneakers. You know how right now most baristas are still on that lumberjack wave with their plaid shirts and work boots? Give it, like, one more winter and your favorite latte artist is gonna be wearing these sneakers and the price of a 4 dollar latte won't even go up that much because these new jack shoe companies got pretty decent pricing structures. And if you're barista is already wearing Common Projects, you need to switch cafes because dude is caking way too hard off those doppios. I included two pairs of the Vans-esque slip-on silhouettes because I like them and pony hair Vans that are more expensive than Vans are exactly what I need in my life right now. Also, all these sneakers say "arigato" on them, so be prepared for your slightly racist friends to say "arigato" in a racist imitation. While the styling and pricepoints ($197-$217) are nice, the real treat with Axel Arigato is this video right here. Check it out and then buy a pair of basic ass sneakers.