Club Monaco's head of men's design Aaron Levine has picked up the talents of Dom Vetro and its creator Ashley Bezamat to put a classic pair of shades.

Known simply as the Arpetto, the design draws from the duo's shared vision of "driving on the open road in a '68 Charger after a long weekend in a worn linen shirt." The frame boasts thick temples, square lenses and 3 colorways: two versions of tortoise shell, and (of course) black.

Dom Vetro is a name that is no slouch when it comes to craftsmanship, so it's not surprising that Levine and his team decided to tap Bezamat and company when looking to create a unique pair of sunglasses. A major goal with Dom Vetro is to continue a handcrafted tradition that began in the Italian Alps in the 18th century. This continues into the Arpetto sunglasses, with Dom Vetro using experienced Maestri to handmake each frame.

If you're interested in picking up a pair for yourself, visit Club Monaco.