The sheer number of stereotypes that exist today is disgustingly overwhelming. There are so many ways to unfairly label people, in fact, that it took Slovak artist Martin Vargic three full months to document and map out the 1,800 stereotypes he identified. His reason for drawing the line at 1,800 is unclear, but his definition of “stereotype” is broad enough to include easy cases like ‘Ginger’ for the Irish and ‘Pubes’ for the French, but also ‘Bratwurst’ for the Germans and ‘Meh’ for the Latvians. By mapping out all of these stereotypes, Vargic shows us just how ridiculous they are.

This bizarre yet strangely entrancing work of art can be found at Vargic’s website, which has a zoom tool for optimal viewing. It is also available for purchase here.

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[via HuffPo]