Yo, I think I just found a pair of Hender Scheme's that we all can probably afford. LEATHER HOUSE SHOES FOR EVERYBODY. Yeah, so, The Ace Hotel teamed up with Hender Scheme to purvey some leather accessories that, like their hotel rooms, are really nice, but also kind of expensive. But not too expensive that we can't justify a splurge here and there, like $120 for some slippies. The last time I stayed at The Ace in NYC, I was on some forever alone status and I got super turbo on whiskey gingers and kinda sorta fell asleep/passed out in their really fancy lobby. They tried to kick ya boy out like I was some struggle hipster, but I had a room key. However, I couldn't remember my room and when they asked me for my name so they could check the registry, I was like, "YOU DON'T GET TO KNOW MY RIGHT NAME." And then I got into the elevator and found my room somehow. The weirdest part: I took off all my clothes and folded them super neatly and put them in the sink and then went to sleep. I WOKE UP NAKED WITH MY CLOTHING NEATLY FOLDED IN THE SINK. I've never told anyone that story before.