Belgian street artist ROA is known for depicting urban decay in an unforgettable way. His enormous, black-and-white murals often depict decaying creatures. From ROA's brushes, beached bones, rotting fur, and animals bordering on distinction fill the walls of cities.

For a new show at StolenSpace, these darkly beautiful animals are heading inside. On June 15, ROA is opening a show at the London gallery that includes an onsite installation. Although few details have been released about the upcoming project, it is called "PROJECTUM O6."

In an adjacent gallery to ROA's installation, StolenSpace is also hosting an exhibition called "Pentimento" by Max Rippon. For the show, Rippon painted five canvases with five layers of text in a way that reveals each layer in different sections. 

"Comprised of illustrated texts taken from news headlines discussing recurring themes in the media, Rippon compares the act of painting over and destroying something precious to the way we are constantly fed news, propaganda, and advertising," reads the press release.

ROA and Max Rippon's shows open June 13 and run until July 7, 2014 at StolenSpace Gallery.

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