Medium: 9 x 12" Pencil on bristol
Year: 2011

“Love is like the most expensive puzzle at the toy store. It’s the flashiest box on the highest shelf, and all the advertisements in the store point you right to it. When you open the box, you realize that it doesn’t come with a reference picture. We’re supposed to build an image of what we think it should be. One puzzling piece at a time, we can see it take shape, but you better use the right parts. Don’t grab from the materialistic bag. The name brand pieces look the best, but they have no content. They don’t connect to any of the pieces around them. They’re dead space and won’t help the bigger picture.

“We never complete the puzzle because we can’t find that one weird shape. Often, it’s because we looked in the wrong pile. Do search for the overlooked pieces in the unpopular places. Go right when everyone else goes left. The small parts are the key to the whole thing.”