Today in "Athletes Have Sweg Propaganda," WWD published an article on how the NHL is starting to become more fashionable. Because, like, former Rangers player Ron Duguay (above) wears terrible Robert Graham shirts and has a perm, I guess? Seriously though? And, oh yeah, Henrik Lunqvist wears suits straight downloaded off your favorite struggle menswear blog, which clearly means the NHL is on the come up. Okay, Henrik doesn't look that bad, but he's also just one guy. That Sean Avery fuckery doesn't count either and never did, so just stop. Furthermore, Brian Jennings, CMO of the NHL, cites the increase of European players into the league as a reason why more American players might be becoming more fashion forward, a remark that is an old trope at best and wildly stereotypical at worst. Simply put, nah, nope, no.