If you've ever lined up for a clothing drop, chances are you fueled up for the grueling wait with some hot java. And as it goes with having a refined taste, that sphere of high quality interest extends to other, overlapping arenas. First We Feast has come through with a previously undiscovered but very apt taste connection: coffee and swag. Specifically, how some of the leading flagship stores in on-trend men's fashion began incorporating coffee into their shops, as a reaction to their customers incorporating coffee into their lifestyle.

"When guys started to embrace the whole 'made in America' aesthetic of selvedge jeans, work boots, flannel shirts, and denim jackets in the mid-2000s, it was only natural that they’d gravitate towards the kinds of things that round out that lifestyle. The movement opened their minds to the idea that they deserved 'better' things. That included batch-made whiskey, vintage cars and motorcycles, cast-iron kitchenware, and especially coffee."

Go grab a latte and read the rest here.