Weeks later, Jay Z and Beyoncé's "RUN" music video #wellactually, fake trailer, #wellactually tour promo is still generating buzz. The clip takes the Bonnie & Clyde beautiful romance themes of the couple's "Part II (On the Run)" and blows them up to feature-sized epic rom-crime proportions, with several set pieces that could definitely provide the basis for a real movie.

It's those set pieces, which are meant to convey the illusion of a full-length movie that open the door for the visual's two most talked-about features: endless A-list cameos and imminently eye-catching styles. Simply put, you've never quite seen Jay and B stunt so hard in either of their respective videos the way they compliment each other and kill the competition here.

Billboard talked to Rob Zangardi, who along with styling partner Mariel Haenn (with help from longtime Jay Z stylist June Ambrose), created a handful of looks for music's royal outlaws. The conversation sheds light on how the looks relate to the clip's theme, but most interestingly, reveal that this whole production came together rather fast.

Can you walk us through some of the looks and why their diversity was so important in this love story?

Because it's a mock trailer, there was an entire story that had to be portrayed very quickly, hence the large variety of looks you see. At the same time, there had to be some common thread, some common concept tying “RUN” to the tour and Jay and Beyonce's aesthetic. This is where we played around with integrating a little Texas, a little New York and a little of that classic Beyonce glamour.

The holster and western outfit was a nod to Beyonce's Texas roots. The torn Yankees shirt, baseball caps and ski masks were a nod to New York. Then there's the wedding ensembles (1:49), where they are meant to look like they got married on the run, Beyonce is in this beautiful lace dress and vintage veil while Jay is wearing a leather jacket, tuxedo pants and construction Timberland boots. The looks had to speak to these different scenes but still feel very much like them.

Read the rest over at Billboard, after you rewatch "RUN" for the fifteenth time of course.

[via Billboard]