Union just got new Pigalle T-shirts in so that's pretty cool. This one doesn't have the label's classic box logo on it, though, so maybe you don't want it anymore if you're that kind of person. But the "Hotel Pigalle" graphic is still pretty nice and will look good with anything and everything all summer long. Hotel Pigalle sounds like a cool Parisian boutique joint even if I didn't know that Pigalle was a cool brand located in Paris. It just seems like the name of a place where you're still allowed to smoke darts in your room and where live jazz is performed at the hotel bar every night. Then you meet a girl name Angelique who speaks decent, if not exactly fluent English, and you buy her a glass of red and then she invites you to a kind of seedy area of the city and then she kisses you and you think you're going to fall in love with her until you realize she tastes like Marlboro Reds, which is actually kind of gross, so you just dip back to the hotel to smoke more darts and tweet about your night, though, the more I think about it, Hotel Pigalle probably doesn't have WiFi.