Ugh. Can everyone stop patronizing old people already? It's one thing to find stylish grandmas and grandpas on the street and snap a pic of them. It's another thing to snap a pic of them and caption it with quotes that make it seem like old people are stylish inadvertently, or that just by being old they are stylish. That shit is patronizing as fuck. And dressing old people up like they were dogs for a fucked up dog calendar? THAT SHIT IS DOWNRIGHT INHUMANE FOR ALL PARTIES INVOLVED.

Let's not conflate the way these senior citizens are dressed with "gangster" or, as super lame fashion sites are often tempted to say, "gangsta." Can we also chill on using "rap" and "gangsta" or, even, "thug" as interchangeable adjectives. THEY ARE NOT.  And stop having old white people throw up signs. That shit is downright detestable. The peace sign isn't a fucking "rap sign," Stylelist. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt because you're Canadian. Clearly, a bunch of geriatrics wearing brands like 10 Deep and The Hundreds is about as gully as it gets in Saskatchewan.

I just don't get the appeal of editorials like this. I mean, it just screams of some ignorant white guys going all, "Hey, let's dress grams and gramps up like thugs LOL," and then immediately hitting up the local mall to buy literally the least hard outfits he could find. Maybe the original editorial idea had nothing to do with the finished product. Maybe the idea was just, "Let's put old people in terrible clothing, make them pose in a hackneyed manner and publish that shit." Yeah, hopefully that was the genesis.