This Billy Reid jacket is fucking awesome. Just look at all those pockets, man! The cotton herringbone doesn't hurt either. Herringbone is a v dope pattern. Those patchwork pockets, though? Yeah, thems the real deal. Wear this really slouchy with some rolled up baggy fatigue pants and those EG Vans that you didn't buy because someone on Twitter said they;d pick them up for you, but then they realized that you're only allowed to buy one pair per person. #MENSWEAR AIN'T THAT MAGNANIMOUS. That's a tough look to pull off though because baggy and loose only looks good on Japanese designers and that one guy that has a personal trainer. Whenever I dress real loose and casual I look like a really well-fed homeless guy. Like, a passerby would remark, "Damn, that dude is pretty chunky for a homeless guy," which prompts his more liberally minded friend to scold him, "WHAT? JUST CAUSE HE'S HOMELESS HE CAN'T BE FAT? EVERYONE HAS THE RIGHT TO BE FAT."