Shouts to eBay's ever growing pile of educational bricks. The digital auctioneer gods are back at it with a PSA on how your clothes should fit. According to whatever survey statistics eBay is using, you will look exactly 2.3 times better than if your clothes don't fit. But wait, hold on, there's more! Your gear will look a whole $2.75 more expensive too! The fuck? Ladies, sorry, you only look 1.3 times better, but somehow your clothes will look $5.00 more expensive. Other than putting really specific numerical values on the benefits of wearing clothes that actually fit you, I don't know what the fucking revelation is here. I mean, by definition, "clothes that fit" should be all you need to hear. You should wear clothing that fits because it fits you. OBVIOUSLY, YOU'LL LOOK BETTER IF YOUR CLOTHING FUCKING FITS YOU. If you just started a #menswear blog yesterday, most definitely use these infographics to help convince guys to click on that affiliate link for the best slacks that can "transition from work to happy hour."