Master of illusion Aakash Nihalani is known for creating insane 3D tape and paper art on flat surfaces that play tricks on your eyes with simple geometric shapes and colors. The artist recently launched a new series of installation performances that use the same ideas and techniques but another physical dimension in the form of people "through" which the art passes. 

"In these new outdoor works, colorful bars pass through individuals, connecting them to each other and functioning as extensions of the urban landscape," Nihalani says. "The participants examine their own insides and connections, a visual expression of both the isolation and community I often feel living in Brooklyn. We spend so much time existing in virtual reality, these works are a visible connection to the real world."

The new pieces are made with tape, brightly colored paper, magnets, corrugated plastic, and Nihalani's mastery of angles and perception. For more incredible pieces, check out the feature on Designboom and head to 

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[via Designboom]