Reminiscent of their spring 2014 release, Play Cloths has three new capsule collections dropping for its Summer 2014 "Delivery 2".

Made up of three parts, each section brings something different to the table. The "Recess" whips up two soccer jerseys: the "Fifty-Fifty" and the "Guard," just in time for this summer's World Cup. The "Major League" focuses on lightweight mesh baseball jerseys, like the "Messiahs," "Gods," and "Kingpins" jerseys. The three "teams" translate into full kits with a selection of t-shirts, socks, and pants. Finally the "Ghengis" capsule features cut-and-sew gear with an Illuminati-approved pattern on shorts, bucket hats, and tees.

No matter what you're into, there's definitely something for this summer over at Play Cloths.

[via SlamXHype]