Believe it or not, someone's asking for all the mix tapes, love notes, and birthday presents you've received from your girlfriends of the past. If for some reason you haven't already dumped off all of that crap, perhaps you may want to stop by London's Southbank Centre.

Right now, the London art venue is calling for people to donate all their mementos of past relationships in preparation for an upcoming Festival of Love, celebrating love in every form, even the ones that have failed and burned most. This June, Southbank Centre will play home to the Museum of Broken Relationships, which is a real place in Zagreb, Croatia and presumably the most depressing museum in the entire world. It will feature 60 of the museum's own items, but it also wants people to participate too.

Depending on how your last relationship ended, an exhibition like this could either be extremely gut-wrenching and painful or really, really satisfying. Festival of Love kicks off June 28 and lasts through August 31. 

[via TheGuardian]

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