When speaking of the perfect symbol of wealth, Hermès’ famous Birkin bag is up there as one of the most expensive. At $150,000 a pop for some styles, they basically cost more than most cars or even a small house. Well, in the ultimate fuck-you move, photographer Tyler Shields decided to feed a less expensive, but still v pricey, crocodile skin Birkin bag to an alligator. 

The Huffington Post reports that the stunt also involved a female model who took a couple bites of the $100,000 bag herself. A bag made out of crocodile skin will already signal the alarms at PETA, but to feed an alligator bag made out of the skin of its close relative will fucking make animal rights activists’ head explode. Check out the action above, and unfortunately no faces were bitten off. 

[The Huffington Post via Jezebel]