Sometimes what street artists are trying to say gets lost in translation, but there is no guess-work when it comes to Mr OneTeas "Wack Donald's Project." The French artist and graphic designer takes on the global fast-food chain with posters that feature pop culture characters (including Madonna and Donald Duck) with clown makeup and the easily recognizable yellow, red, and white costume. 

In an interview with Huffington Post, Mr OneTeas said that he was inspired by the Supersize Me documentary, and that he began to find the clown to be "more sinister than he originally thought." He takes issue with the "friendly and attractive" image that the mascot provides for children and considers it dangerous. "Today we all are scared about terrorism, suspecting everybody around us, but no one is suspecting McDonalds to hurt us...On the cigarette packs in France you can read 'Smoking Kills'. My thoughts are that I would like to make people realize that eating junk food can kill as well."

The artist's campaign began in Prague and has extended to New York, but he has only just begun. "100 different Wack Donald's characters are waiting to pop up, each one chosen for special reasons for different countries."

Check out @mroneteas on Instagram to follow along. 

[via Huffington Post]