BREAKING: I want a visvim backpack. Sure, it's almost seven hundred dollars. Sure, it looks kind of like a Burton backpack. Sure, I already own, like, 3 backpacks. BUT GODDAMNIT I FUCKING WANT ONE. I would love to float through airport checkpoints and afternoon meetings with my laptop full of nonsense nestled within the ballistic embrace of an overpriced backpacks. AND YOU BETTER BELIEVE I WILL HAVE A COTTON ANORAK AND/OR SHAWL ROLLED UP AND CLIPPED ON THIS SHIT TO SHOW OFF MY SUPERIOR ATTENTION TO DETAIL. Shit, now I wish visvim would make a Trapper Keeper. That would be so fucking next. OD pencil pouches with RiRi zips and carbon fiber three ring bindings. Damn, just imagine how nice a protractor designed by Hiroki would be.