Do you guys love when someone on Tumblr posts a hilarious Google autocomplete? I know I do. You know what we found when we Googled "how 2 put google autocomplete screencaps on t-shirt"? This French brand that beat us to the idea. I don't know about you guys, but if I was gonna print some hilarious autocompletes I wouldn't start with "bleu" or "t-shirt." Instead, I'd start with some search terms that included weird medical phrases like "what to do if…" and various other immature shit like "racist elephant…" Anyways, my favorite joint is the "how to" tee. It's just like millions of people Googling "how to be happy" is such an intense statement on the isolation and disconnect of modern society. If everyone would just ask one another instead of importing all their insecurities and questions into machines, we wouldn't feel like this. But then I look at the rest of the results and it's like, LOLZ everybody trying to hack that thot of an ex's Facebook profile. And then I LOLZED even harder at "how to...make it in America." RASTA MONSTA. CRISP. KID CUDI AS AN ACTOR. QUITTING YOUR JOB AT BARNEYS TO SELL RAWR DENIMZ. AMAZING.