White Mountaineering and Larose Paris present two hat silhouettes available in two different patterns from White Mountaineering's S/S 14 collection. To celebrate, Michael Thorsby was commissioned to make next level stands to showcase the headgear. Don't you guys wish you could commission shit like you were some sort of wealthy oligarch in Renaissance era Florence? Like, you make your money in the filthiest, must fucked up way, trading with unscrupulous merchants and shit, but you spend it all on really nice paintings and sculpture gardens and whatnot? That's the fucking life. You know what? I commission artists all the time...at Subway. Every day those sandwich artists make something way more delicious than that dome Brunelleschi designed. The hats are available now at Colette, but if you're a true G, you'll go to White Mountaineering's new Tokyo boutique to buy them on April 19th.