As you get older, the mall is a place to go out of necessity. But in your formative years—especially for the suburban-raised among us—it was the number one place to go and waste what is now an unimaginable amount of free time. It started with being dragged there as a kid with your parents, then being dropped off by your parents, until finally whoever was first in the squad to come up on that driver's license made it an independent post-3:30 p.m. power move.

It was both redundant and familiar, and yet, after so many visits, a few habits started to develop that no doubt annoyed the people you were lamping around with and fellow mall-goers. Hop back in your family SUV and let's reflect back on that middle-of-the-mall shit you used to be about with 10 Things You Did at the Mall That Pissed Everyone Else Off. Let's go to the mall, everybody!

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