Known for his abstract works of colliding lines and opposing colors, France-based artist Thomas Canto paints the urban life around him as he sees it: disorganized, complex, yet still captivating. Canto recently transposed his vision of the city and brought a touch of chaos to a room inside the Vieux Panier Hotel in Marseilles, France.

The hotel, which actually used to be a Corsican grocery store, consists of five rooms, but the guests room interiors are unlike that of any hotel you'll find anywhere else. Each of Vieux Panier Hotel's rooms have been revamped by five contemporary artists to last for a period of one year. Canto's design, which he calls XL Room, features an entanglement of ropes that slightly resembles a geometric black hole. The disorderly ropes contrast with parts of the room's precise grid, giving it an ultra futuristic feel, and just like the city, the viewer's outlook on his surroundings all depends on perspective. Check out the video below to see what we mean:

[via ArrestedMotion]

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