Just a warning, you may choke up when you learn the story behind Norwegian photographer Elin Høyland's images of two inseparable brothers who lived together on the same farm in rural Norway their entire lives. Neither Harald nor Mathias Ramen, who were 75 and 80-years-old respectively, ever got married. The two spent their days chopping wood, bird watching, listening to the radio, and reading the newspaper—all simple pleasures in life that now seem obsolete the rest of us.

Fascinated by their ordinary and detached lifestyle, Høyland got to know the two siblings and has captured them in a touching black and white photo series called The Brothers. Her photos are exquisite, documenting the seemingly mundane details of Harald and Mathias while also capturing larger notions of familial love and brotherhood. Perhaps the most heart wrenching scenes come towards the end of her photo series, which portray one brother outliving another until eventually both have passed.

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