RHUDE designer, Rhuigi Villasenor, took to Instagram to announce the brand's latest denim capsule collection, but it's not pieces you'd normally associate as being constructed out of denim.

The collection features a hooded sweatshirt and a T-shirt in washed-denim, giving off a deep, vibrant blue. The capsule is also complete with"RHUDE" buttons that display the brand's logo and phrases like "RHEBEL" and "NOTHING LASTS." Rhuigi plays with textures of classic silhouettes that are light-weight and comfy while remaining rugged, just in time for spring.

RHUDE is brand known for its luxury basics, so we might be able to expect more denim collections in the near future. Perhaps a raw denim jean collection? Denim socks? Be sure to grab a piece from the capsule while you can.

[via RHUDE]