In Mr Porter's most recent video, the retailer has re-imagined the morning commute with the help of freerunner Pip Anderson. Andersen and Porter show you the best(?) way to avoid cozying up in a crowded subway car with your fellow, equally-irritable New Yorkers. All it requires is intense ninja training, unparalleled athleticism, and borderline-suicidal fearlessness.

In seriousness, while we're all not monkeys, this video does speak to a theme we heavily support: Wear your suit. Suits are cut in a way that flatters any body type, and a well-tailored 'fit is a sartorial cheat code for appearing knowledgeable in the art of fashionz. Wear the jacket/slacks as separates, wear it with some sneaks, or wear it out at night. Even if you're not skilled at jumping from building roof to another, there's no reason you should be dressed terribly.

[via Mr. Porter]