Shouts to the Detroit homies The Distinct Life for their version of the Reebok CL 6000. You probably slept on it when it was first dropped because you were too busy buying any sneakers that weren't Reebok. Your pant legs are getting slimmer, so you should have some slim, neutral sneakers that aren't another fucking pair of New Balances. The blue and gray colorway on these is perfect for all those OD khaki and green gathered pants you just bought. These would also pair well with the shorts, T-shirt, bucket hats and terry cloth towels draped over your shoulder. Personally, I'm gonna wear these with baggy fatigue pants rolled up crazy Japanese style and a gray pocket tee. I want to look like the Free & Easy version of your dad—not necessarily narc dad, but, like, after-the-kids-go-away-to-college-he-most-definitely-smokes-weed-in-the-garage-if-he-gets-home-from-work-before-mom dad.