Truth be told, I don't know much about Tinie Tempah other than that Dockers ad he was in that ran on our site a few months back. But I do know about Clothsurgeon, makers of dope ass fucking bombers at a relatively affordable pricepoint. Now these two parties have gotten together on a capsule collection of jackets and pants that Tinie is wearing on his upcoming tour. Among the drop are a series of space suit looking designs, from MA-1s to jogging pants. I can't recommend wearing such things in the street, but if you're planning on doing a pile of drugs, going to an EDM show and licking some chick's face, then this should comprise the majority of your alphet. If you're feeling extra daring, take the nylon onesie for a spin. Unless you think you'll have to poop at some point, in which case what began as a power flex could quickly turn into a disastrous night for the ages.