This Beams+ anorak is the best anorak I've seen in a minute. Can you guys tell I really, really like pullover anoraks? I think it's because I'm a '90s baby. This style was very crucial to a '90s upbringing. Or maybe not. I feel like lumping experience together simply because we all happened to be born within the same decade is kind of dumb. But, then again, I just learned that I'm actually part of the Millennial generation. I made the cutoff by, like, two years or something. FUCK YOU ALL FOR ALWAYS CALLING ME SUPER OLD. ACCORDING TO BABY BOOMERS AND PEOPLE WHO WRITE SWEEPING GENERALIZATIONS BASED ON THE YEAR YOU WERE BORN, WE ARE THE SAME. SO SUCK IT. No matter your age, keep whatever you want in all these awesome pockets. The world is your oyster, ya dig?