I have no idea what bonded mesh is, but I do know that I would most likely purchase the black versions of these Norse Projects bonded mesh sweatshirts. The fact that I have, like, zero actual fashion industry knowledge probably makes some of you guys who spent roughly six months studying StyleForum threads on apparel manufacturing and shit really salty. TO MAKE IT IN #MENSWEAR ALL YOU NEED IS A LOT OF SWEAR WORDS AND THE ABILITY TO REACT BASED ON GUT INSTINCT WHEN PRESENTED WITH A PARTICULAR ITEM OF CLOTHING. Do you know how quickly debates go down at Four Pins? Something like this (all via Gchat despite sitting next to each other):

"Aye, this fire or nah?"

“Such hot garbage. The fuck is wrong with you?"

"Sorry it's not another black hoodie, bro."

"Suck it up and build the post. I got a TV show to co-host."

"Is Moy done with his hits yet? Seriously, what does that asshole do all day? What a little bitch."