The polar vortex has left much of the United States covered in white for far longer than usual. While annoying, this persistent winter has spurred creativity in the student body at Michigan Technological University. In preparation for their annual Winter Carnival, leagues of students braved the single-digit temperatures to construct enormous snow spectacles based on classic childhood films such as The Land Before Time, Toy Story, and Cinderella, for the month-long snow sculpture competition whose theme this year is “Nostalgic Films from Childhood Days Come to Life in Frosty Ways.”

The sculptures may not exceed 28 feet in height and are judged on neatness, artistry, intricacy, and whiteness of snow and lettering. Students employ a number of inspired techniques and tools to create their icy masterpieces, including scaffolding and clothing irons.

Fraternity Phi Kappa Tau came in first in the fraternity division for their magnificent rendering of Beauty and the Beast, an artistic feat that took a team of 20 frat bros 300 hours to complete.

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