Do you care about the environment and shed a tear every time you hear about an adorable mammal losing its primary habitats? But do you not really care enough to do much more than re-blog a call to action on Tumblr or favorite a tweet from Jack Hanna? Like, we love animals, but not more than air conditioning and expensive silver computers full of elements and metals that are strip mined. So, instead of volunteering for Greenpeace or actually unplugging from the Internet, just buy these organic cotton canvas sleeves for all your electronic gadgets. Well maybe not all your gadgets, but Ikku and Carhartt WIP teamed up to make sleeves for your 13 and 15 inch MacBooks, iPads and iPad Minis. Daps to Carhartt WIP and Ikku for not ODing on the camo and just using it as a trim. This is available starting…TODAY RIGHT NOW at select retailers and online at both Ikku and Carhartt WIP.